How a ProEnc Enclosure Protects Your New Projector

By | November 17, 2016


A ProEnc enclosure will protect your projector investment

As more and more businesses are investing in digital technology, they are also realizing the benefits of incorporating a projector enclosure. Having such an expensive and desirable (and portable) piece of kit sitting in a public area is a theft waiting to happen. A ProEnc enclosure will enhance the aesthetics of the projector whilst giving the ultimate protection against damage and theft.

OK, so we may be familiar with projectors in conference rooms and event halls, but they are being utilized for other applications too – with great success. Whether a projector is being used for a business meeting displaying charts and strategies or it is illustrating the latest pair of trainers, it does so in a format viewers understand.

From the first projector, back in the last few years of the eighteenth century by Thomas Edison and William Dickinson, it soon evolved into a movie projector by two French brothers Louis and Auguste Lumiere and is still recognizable from what we know today. But how do you protect your new projector?

The main points for enclosing in a ProEnc enclosure are:

  • Security – deterring theft and unauthorized removal the projector, enclosing the whole projector and secured with a specialist lock
  • Damage – broken bulbs cost a fortune to replace, as well as the other parts
  • Size – one size will fit most projectors, but other sizes can be manufactured on request – size is a reference to the number of lumens (light output)
  • Color – either black or white are the most requested colors
  • Material – either steel (painted) or Lexan poly-carbonate pieces, which can be sold as a flat pack
  • Less Downtime – because of the overall protection against damage and theft, there is also the protection against dust, water and foreign bodies, i.e. insects.
How a ProEnc Enclosure Protects Your New Projector

How a ProEnc Enclosure Protects Your New Projector


Laser projectors are big business with many benefits, as they address the needs of the target audience and suit many locations and applications. Also it is relatively easy to create amazing content, but employing the services of a professional graphic designer will save money in the long run. Often an ad campaign will be created from the brand supplier and can be incorporated into the promoters advertisement.

AV technology protection solutions, like the ProEnc, are found in many locations as businesses realise the importance of protecting their investment. Some of these projectors cost thousands of dollars and can be wiped out within seconds, due to vandalism, damage or theft.

For the best solution in protecting your laser projector, all it takes is a call to

ProEnc on (862) 234 5981

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Rest assured the best investment you can make is to purchase a ProEnc enclosure.