House Of Worship Digital Signage – Boosts Giving.

By | May 11, 2014

Digital signage in houses of worship increase giving.

It has been proven that congregations react more positively to digital signage, enabling them to take part in the service a whole lot more and it empowers them and this results in increased giving, the solutions we have supplied in the past to houses of worship include both wall mounted and floor standing.

Digital signage can be used to show were the congregations donations are used in the community, or overseas and this in turn empowers the congregation to give more.

Floor standing digital signs.

house of worship digital signage
These are available in screen sizes from 36″ up to 65″ and updating the content could not be easier, this type of electronic signage uses a USB media player, so you just have to copy the content from your computer to a USB drive and insert it into the player and the screen prompts you to over right the existing files, select YES and the screen reboots with the new content displayed. It takes seconds, see the video below!

Wall mounted digital signs.

These mount to a wall and have the exact same functionality of the floor standing units but require less space. The screen sizes vary from 36″ to 65″ and use the same media player. These can be mounted in portrait or landscape.

religious digital sigange
DOOH USA offer digital signage to many organizations, however with Houses of Worship, we offer a 25% discount, mention the code below in the voucher to get the discount!

digital signage discount coupon

Call DOOH USA on toll free +1-866-948-0859 to discuss your requirements, and no not forget your discount coupon, for 25% off!