Harbour and Beach Digital Signage

By | December 13, 2010

LCD Enclosure Global explain.

Dynamic advertising is even encroaching on our leisure time, but in a good way, now you will see digital signage at the beach, but let us look at the challenges in deploying digital signage in a beach location.

LCD enclosure

When any digital signage hardware is used outdoors you do have to consider the environment it is located in, for example will the digital advertising solution be located in direct sunlight, this can cause all sorts of problems, as this will cause the TV to over heat in the LCD enclosure.

Everything has to be thought of, from the sun to the salt in the air, for example in heavy salt air, this will cause any digital signage solution to fail, as the salt crystals will get into the screen and corrode the circuit broads in the hardware and TV, so a special outdoor LCD enclosure has to be used, not just any outdoor TV enclosure, but a stainless steel enclosure as one particular grade of stainless steel is used for beach and marine products and that is grade 316, as this has a high chromium content in the steel and drastically reduces any corrosion that is present in the air, these are also used in food and pharmaceutical applications due to the high contact to bleach based fluids.

Stainless steel LCD enclosure.

The stylish finish of a stainless steel LCD enclosure is amazing as normally the well heeled frequent harbour and beach locations on a regular basis, just look at the clientele who own yachts and boats, so they would not tolerate a shabby looking solution.

If a steel LCD enclosure was used, this would be attacked with the salt that is present in the air and cause the LCD enclosure to rust possibly in the first month; this is why 316 stainless steel is the preferred choice. This would certainly look off putting to wealth guests, so this additional reason is why stainless steel is used.

So what could be advertised on beach or harbour based digital signage, well the yacht club could promote their bar and restaurant, whilst local boat chandlery stores could promote their products and services, appealing directly with boat owners.

Weather conditions could be displayed so that anyone taking a trip is aware of potential hurricane and storm conditions coming their way.

Now if the harbour club had a WIFI hot spot, an interactive digital LCD poster could be used, they could use it as a form of way finding and find out what restaurants are available at the port they will stay at next and even make a reservation for a meal in the restaurant. This would involve connecting the digital poster to the Internet so that the customer could touch the port on the map and then make their selection from the restaurants, bars, shows and even check out the weather before they get their.

Digital signage is every where and being used to enhance customers experiences, others are using dynamic advertising to increase brand awareness and advertise the new seasons range of clothes. But what ever reason they use them for, remember when you are drinking your Mai-Tai where you heard about digital signage on the beach.

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