Gas Station Digital Advertising’s Coming Of Age

By | December 18, 2009

We have all heard of the boom industry, now this is one sure industry that is a new industry and growing steadily, the market is said to be worth $20 million and growing – it is Gas Pump advertising.

The advantage with this industry is that this is the most popular method of outdoor captive audience marketing. These normally consist of a gas pump topper that accommodates 2 flat panel screens back to back up to 26” in size, a media player is then located between the screens and updated by wireless internet connection.

The media content runs for normally three to five minutes and includes in-store products at the convenience store, you can schedule breakfast or lunch offers to tempt customers from filling up their car and driving off without entering the store.

This way at lunch a travelling salesman can see the offer whilst filling their car with fuel, pay for the fuel and the offer of a sandwich with a free drink, go into store and collect them. This is a fantastic method to “up sell” and is perfect for the current economic situation, as we need customers to spend as much with each gas station store as possible.

Other income streams.
There are other ways to generate income from outdoor gas pump digital signage, and this is to sell blocks of advertising space on your network of pumps at your gas station, but remember that you would not want a competitor advertising their products on your pumps – would you?

LCD Enclosure Global manufacture a gas pump enclosures, that are specifically for petrol pump tops. They can be purchased individually or as a complete solution along with the media player and dual flat screens up to 26” in size. For more details contact them directly on 888-460-3573 (tollfree).

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.