Gas Station Advertising in the 22nd Century

By | March 19, 2010

In the past few years gas stations have struggled getting paying customers into the onsite convenience store since the introduction of the pay at the pump system.

In this day and age of every second counts, the introduction of pay at the pump was a huge success but it has one huge draw back, once a driver fills his car or truck with gas he pays and drives off saving the driver time. The drawback with pay at the pump is that the driver does not enter the store to purchase other merchandise.

Here is a scenario looked at from both angles, the first scenario above demonstrates the convenience for the driver who pays at the pump and goes but leaves the onsite store missing out. The second scenario is where a gas station digital signage is used.

The driver pulls up and whilst filling his vehicle watches the LCD screen on the gas pump, in between the weekend sports results and the weather he notices the mornings special breakfast offer, comprising of a coffee, packet of chips and a sandwich for a bargain $4.99, the driver knows he has a 2 hour drive to his next meeting and will need to stop for lunch so he clicks the screen and adds the promotional lunch to his bill, once he has finished filling up with gas he goes in to the convenience store to collect his lunch.

Digital signage can do all this, a typical system comprises of two screens up to 26 inches in a back to back formation with a media player in between them feeding them with content and the relevant RSS feeds for news and sports, these are all housed in a gas pump digital signage enclosure.

Once one of these systems are deployed, any gas station can create an additional income stream, by selling advertising slots on to the signage system, even digital advertising agencies would be queuing up to purchase the spare time, however one point to remember is that you must ensure your competitors do not purchase the ad spot to promote their products at your gas station.

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