Gas Station Advertising – The history of how to capture audience’s attention

By | January 19, 2010

Advertising is one of the oldest professions and advertising at gas stations has come a very long way since the day of Henry Ford to today’s forecourts. Discover what to expect next when filling up your automobile.

Since the human race discovered automobiles they also needed to fill them with fuel, in the days when the man ran in front of the car warning people ahead of the car approaching. So the very first advertising at forecourts was to brand the fuel pumps themselves, so the pumps incorporated the logo, for example anyone seen the old “shell” pumps, they have the sun burst at the top of the pump.

From there the adverts progressed to gas pump toppers, these range from laminated printed adverts, marketing the merchandise that can be purchased from the on-site
convenience store. Some gas stations use this type of marketing.

Then the digital signage revolution hit the gas pumps, were many companies are deploying outdoor signage that is integrated into the pay at the pump kiosks, these are specially designed so that when a driver is filling up their vehicle with fuel, they are given current news, this could be global news, local or regional or just sports news, this is mixed with ads for products that are in store.

Because gas stations want to maximise their area of the station, each pump normally can serve 2 vehicles, so a dual screen enclosure is required, these protect the electronics from the elements.

Sat on top of the gas pump, these gas pump enclosures have a screen both sides, complete with outdoor grade speakers, fitting easily with minimal disruption to the gas station operator. A media player can be mounted between the displays and feeds the content to the screens, the fuel pump enclosure can also be fitted with a “through the glass” touch screen and these are being used by one gas station TV channel that whilst you are filling up you can get up to date travel news, what roads are blocks, any major delays – when they give this information it needs the driver to entire their destination, then the TV channel displays ads for say restaurants, hotels etc for the end destination.

Digital signage is the leading technology in advertising and the world’s fastest growing market for captive audience marketing.

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