Gas pump signage | LCD Enclosures Global

By | September 25, 2009

After almost four months of development LCD Enclosures Global have manufactured and tested a gas pump signage enclosure that has been designed for the gas station forecourt. Here you can deploy any size display from 15” up to 55” in a protective case.

Each enclosure will accommodate two displays back to back with the relevant media player, laptop or thin client between both displays with a quick release access cover for essential hardware updates. Cooling or heating options are totally dependant upon the location, from standard cooling fans through to air conditioning units.

Now LCD Enclosure Global are hoping they are going to have as much success with this product range as they have with their protective LCD enclosure range, their solution is so flexible once the deployment is complete, it is a set and for get solution.

For more information about their gas pump sign solution, contact them on:
European enquiries +44 (0)844 3578687 or
USA enquiries 1-888-460-3573.

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