Gas Pump Digital Signage.

By | August 3, 2009

With pay-at-the-pump technology hitting 22 years old, the concept has been a huge success. However in some aspects, it has become too successful!

With people paying at the pump this has a drastic decrease in customers going into the convenience store and purchasing other items or merchandise.

With profits being minute on fuel, the only way a gas station stays in business, is by selling the in-store merchandise that has a higher profit margin.

The main focus of the store owners is to get the customers inside their store and for them to buy! This is why there has been an influx of digital signage units on top of the gas pumps, showcasing new merchandise from the store.

Now one smart company who deploys these units offers the convenience store owners the facility to buy the gas top digital signage solutions eliminating any other advertisers or they can have them free of charge and advertising slots are sold locally.

With pump top digital signage being in it’s infancy, there is room for everyone, however you must be careful…during a visit to Massachusetts we filled up the car to the preaching of a minister who was giving his religious message out, don’t get me wrong, right message wrong place!

At another gas station, we spotted an advert for the local pizzeria down the road, this was a direct competitor to the pizzeria inside the convenience store. By the time you have put $15 in your tank you have seen and heard 3 ads!

Gas pump toppers are also featured the range of products from LCD Enclosures Global – anything else is a compromise.