Gas Pump Advertising of The Future Or Is It Now?

By | December 16, 2009

We all need gas for our vehicles and it is essential for our everyday journeys, but have you noticed how gas pump advertising is marketed to you? It seems to know what products YOU buy, learn how it is doing this.

With the price of gas keeps rising even though the cost of a barrel of oil falls – how does that work? We all have to fill our cars, trucks and vans with gas but who actually goes into the adjacent convenience stores attached to the petrol stations?

On a recent visit to Massachusetts we where running low on gas, so we spotted a gas station and decided to fill up, on entering my credit card, the terminate greeted me with “welcome Dave”, now if they can do this surely they are monitoring what you purchase and then a third party could be possibly selling the information to marketing organisations, so you can be targeted on the products you buy when visiting a gas station.

Before pay at the pump became popular, the convenience stores were doing pretty well, as most people (and me included) normally purchased sodas and sandwiches for lunch whilst paying in-store, now with pay at the pump the stores are looking for new ways to market their merchandise and digital signage is a sure way to do this.

Is this something of the future or just around the corner?
Image paying for your gas at the pump and seeing on the digital display a sandwich and drink offer and hitting a key to “buy it now” and including it on your payment for the gas, before the receipt is printed out one of the stores staff brings your purchase out to you at your vehicle.

What would it take to do this? Just a couple of tweaks of the digital signage software possibly and this is another reason gas pump advertising is so successful,- due to it’s flexibility. Digital signage is so flexible virtually every business can use it to some degree to market products to visitors at the gas pump.

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