Free standing interactive advertising solutions for engaging clients.

By | February 22, 2013

Free standing Interactive advertising kiosks.

Engaging with clients using free standing interactive advertising solutions is the number one priority of digital signage systems.

So what can free standing interactive advertising solutions do for your business?

These free standing interactive advertising solutions engage with consumers at an individual level, making the digital advertising campaign directly applicable to the consumer who is engaging with the free standing kiosk. This unique approach enables the advertiser to tailor their marketing to specific demographics.

For example a clothing designer may launch a new product line up at men in the early to mid-twenties age group, so before launching the product the design can have an advertising campaign getting existing customers within the age group to opt in to an SMS marketing campaign. So that when the product launch goes live the designer has an existing database of potential buyers, this could be to receive 10% of the suggested sale price when you spend over a certain amount, this will ensure that launch is very successful and that the profits or higher than previous launches.

Another example is in educational facilities, when people are considering various courses, they can go to an open evening to see what course they are interested in, is offered and using the free standing interactive advertising solutions they can get more information such as the costs of the course, when the course takes place on the times of the lectures. Once they have decided upon the relevant course that fits in with their schedule they can see a member of staff and pay the admission costs. This frees up employees time that would otherwise be taken up explaining what courses are available and the details mentioned above.

When people (consumers) use these free standing interactive advertising solutions, the consumer enjoys engaging with the digital signage system in their thirst for more information on the given topic.

How does a free standing interactive kiosks solution work?

free standing interactive advertising

Initially there is an outer housing the protecting the interactive screen and a media player, this housing is fitted with a sophisticated cooling system that is thermostatically controlled. Also power distribution to the touch screen and media player is also incorporated within the housing.

The content is created in various folders, very similar to a website, so when a consumer touches the icon on the screen, a second screen then opens and provides additional information and data that the consumer requested. For example in a shoe store, a woman may find the high heel shoes she likes, but is looking for a different color, so she would touch the image on screen of the high heeled shoe, then another page opens with the colors for the consumer to select. Once she has selected the color she can then check if you’re in stock in store.

What are the costs for a free standing interactive digital signage kiosk?

These free standing interactive digital signage kiosks vary in sizes from 24 inch up to a huge 85 inch. With pricing from as little as $4000, these free standing interactive digital signage kiosk systems are one of the more impressive parts of any advertising campaign a business could use.

The return on investment for free standing interactive digital signage kiosks has been seen in as little as three weeks! They can provide all the information and more than an employee could, in a more engaging way and leaves the employees to deal with real customer queries I had to take payments at the checkouts.

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