Free Digital Signage Content!

By | March 5, 2015

Yes, Free Digital Signage Content.

We are offering free content for you to use that we will customize for your business, the only catch is…this is when you purchase a digital sign from us. This will save you around $1000-$2000 per campaign!

Digital Signage Content.

Not just limited to use on the electronic advertising posters, but these quality graphics are yours to use on flyers, business cards and basically anyplace that will generate business for YOU!

digital signage content
If you are thinking of deploying digital signage hardware, let us help you make the right move from the get go. Let us create content that gets results.

free digital signage content

Getting the advertising content is one of the hardest parts of digital advertising, get it wrong and the cost of the creation is blown! Our 6 years in the electronic signage industry is second to none, use our experience and knowledge to benefit you and your company.

What media can be utilized?

Well we can create content from static images, we can add video and music, whatever you want (within reason), remember the electronic signs come in sizes 32″ to 55″ and can be mounted in either landscape or portrait, be mindful of this when you are thinking what points you want to get across to your customers.

The digital signage content can be the first thing a new customer sees, so it has to get them to buy into your business. We will ensure the free digital signage content is the perfect size for the display, no text missing because the graphics are too large, or too small people need binoculars to see your offer!

We can even incorporate a QR code in the advertising content, so customers can scan it with their smartphone and be taken to your ‘specials’ page, ideal for restaurants and bars.

This offer is on throughout March 2015 and limited to one per customer, if you are interested let us know and let us help your business.

Get your free digital signage content by calling toll free 888 460 3573 today!