Floor standing digital signage totem

By | March 20, 2012

Floor standing digital signage totem solutions.

The floor standing digital signage totem is one of the newest trends to be used in displaying outdoor digital signage advertising campaigns, discover the options available.

Floor standing digital signage totem or wall mounted solution?

Digital Signage is becoming the only way to market a business in this modern digital age, several installers of digital signage solutions are deploying new and attractive digital advertising systems in the form of a digital signage totem system. When floor space is not an issue a floor mounted LCD display system can be installed, but if floor space is limited the better solution is a wall mounted portrait flat panel enclosure this takes up the least amount of space.

USB floor standing digital signage totem.

These USB floor standing LCD display solutions compromise a leading manufacturers high definition (1080p) commercial grade display that is then internally wired to a USB media player, the media player holds the ads on a memory card and updates are done through either replacing the memory cards with new ones that have updated content or by using the USB port on the media player to over write the content.

These are available in a range of sizes from 32″ to 65″ for indoor use.

floor standing digital signage totem

Example of a floor standing digital signage totem

With the Olympics being only months away, we will see a large use of digital signage from way finding through to outdoor digital menu board enclosures that will be displaying the menu of some Quick Serve Restaurants.

floor standing digital signage totem

Example of outdoor floor standing digital signage totem

Networked floor standing digital signage totem system.

These units are built for updating using the internet utilizing remote access, all that is needed at the location is a network connection and power, the units tend to have a power consumption of 240W and need an input voltage of 110-240V and can be scheduled to update the content when the location is at its quietest. The internal hardware is either a network enabled media player or PC that can also display the ads at preset times (this is called time warping).

The options are almost endless, the floor standing digital signage totem can be equipped with touch screen capability, this can either be infra-red or SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) technology and are available in sizes from 36″ to 80″.

Now this technology can be used outdoors, and these units differ by the casing and the screen. As the casing has been designed for outdoor use and is cooled by a more sophisticated cooling system and even an air conditioning unit are fitted to units that are being deployed in troublesome areas, with excessive upper temperatures. The screens fitted are usually sunlight readable with a minimum nits of 1500, ensuring that the screen can be seen during high brightness areas, even a hood can be fitted to the outdoor solution for locating the digital signage solution in direct sunlight, this offers protection to the screen and the user as they can be in the shade whilst using the hardware.

We manufacture a range of outdoor digital signage enclosures as well as supplying floor standing digital signage totem solutions.