Floor standing digital signage – Various Types

By | August 4, 2011

Floor standing digital signage

Floor standing digital signage comes in different types, from screen size to how content is updated, let us look at what the market offers.

Types of floor standing digital signage solutions

These come in two types the first is the standalone solution that has a built in media player and stores the content (adverts) on a memory card inside the player, the second is the floor standing digital signage hardware that is updated using the intent, initially people think that the jump in technology for a wireless digital signage device is far more costly than it actually is this is why the standalone solution is popular.

floor standing digital signage

However the drawbacks with the USB floor standing digital signage solution is that when new content needs updating you must remember to update the hardware, or the time and effort used creating the adverts is wasted. Now this does not really matter f the content is only going to be updates 3 or 4 times a year, but can become a problem, if the client needs the content updates on a daily basis. This is why the network enabled floor standing digital signage is increasing in popularity as the hardware can be updated with new content with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Screen sizes can vary depending on the technology, however a rule of thumb is that USB solutions are available in sizes 17” to 60” whilst the network enabled solution come in sizes 15” to 75”allowing high definition images and videos to be presented to potential buyers.

The top end floor standing digital signage devices have touch screens, engaging with the customer directly, providing what can feel as a one on one advertising experience.

Security of these free/floor standing digital signage solutions is essential and normally the compartment for the memory card on the USB solutions is lockable with the wireless signage solution having the content secured on a virtual server in the Cloud. The only other security issue is if someone was to try and walk out of a facility with one of these floor standing digital signage devices, however once bolted to the floor these units are there to stay, preventing an opportunist theft.

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