Floor standing digital screens in 2013

By | January 25, 2013

Floor standing digital screens.

The digital signage industry has seen a huge development during the last 18 months, with floor standing digital screens, will these advertising displays grow any more.

Floor standing digital posters In 2011.

We started to see a steady growth in 2011 of floor standing digital posters, these were the floor standing displays with a standalone USB media player, then as 2011 moved on, we saw the floor standing digital posters with network media players be rolled out in locations such as airports, theaters and government buildings.

Floor standing digital screens in 2012.

Then in 2012 we saw the integration of touchscreen technology and these floor standing digital screens, these units are available in multiple sizes from 40 inch up to 85 inch under for indoor use with some of the largest size screens being for outdoor use. These solutions are ideal to engage with customers to drive the marketing campaign home.

Where are we to see floor standing digital screens in 2013?

floor standing digital screens

Floor standing digital screens, supplied to IHG Group globally.

With the use of smart phones and the advancement of proximity marketing, we can soon see these floor standing digital screens in shopping malls broadcasting Bluetooth messages, as promotional advertisements to any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone within the shopping center.

Towards the back end of 2012, we saw the change in design of the floor standing digital screens, this was mirrored immediately with wall mounting digital advertising screens. The advertising hardware profile had more radius corners, similar to an iPad, due to the popularity of this type of hardware. A small number of customers who use digital advertising wanted to appear that the ads were being displayed on giant iPads.

We have even been asked to manufacture protective digital signage housings with radius corners similar to that tablet design.
What else could happen to floor standing digital screens?

Even QSR’s are using floor standing advertising screens within the restaurants, to advertise new menu ideas and some are even using Facebook and asking their customers to vote on what they would like to see on the menu. The reward for the customer is that they receive the discount coupon for the next time they visit the restaurant, this is all done using a networked enabled floor standing sign and a smaller phone.

One thing that is for certain is that 3D software will be used more extensively for digital advertising purposes. There are already companies using 3D digital signage and the adverts just jump off the screen into your lap! Well almost.

Another option is to use more QR codes, this way the viewing statistics can be monitored and customers can see how many QR code images have been clicked on thus proving to the customer how many people saw the ads and interacted with them.

Dual sided floor standing digital signs are becoming more common for outdoor digital signage, and many tourists spots where deploying these units between the November and December 2012, getting ready for this spring tourist invasion. The dual sided units have the facility to display the same content on both screens or different content on each screen, this depends upon the application on what the advertiser wants to achieve with the ads.

DOOH USA supply various digital advertising solutions including floor standing digital screens, more information can be seen here.