Exciting Travel Campaign in the Digital Advertising World

By | April 13, 2010

The priority was to create an exciting environment — one that encouraged people to walk in and inquire about the services and current promotions. It was important to show branded images of vacation destinations and highlight images of travel locations with people in them that would make passers-by feel like they were there, creating the ‘desire’ to go there.

Once decided it should move from a static visual campaign, with light-box displays, to a digital one, the ad campaign’s content would not be infomercial-like in nature, nor would it include a lot of script.

So the need to find a company that could fulfil this requirement for graphically pleasing, imagery-heavy content, with the technology and services to underpin a turnkey solution. A New York City-based digital signage and retail-media company answered the call for the project.

A strategically designed, customized solution that harmonizes content across four landscape screens, acted as a canvas to showcase inspirational luxury destinations. Straight away customers are drawn in by scenes of cruise ships sailing from screen to screen or ocean waves crashing across 8-foot panoramic expanses. It was also possible to supplement each of the premier stores with a portrait-style screen on a swing arm, to display content through the store window at night.

Shortly after installation, staff members said customers came in because they saw the screens from the street and were captivated.

A Positive ROI

More importantly, the Travel Company continues to experience a positive return on investment through increasing revenue streams from partners and suppliers, since the displays deliver advertising content in addition to travel destination imagery.

Now the cost of developing and maintaining the network is covered by the income generated from advertising partners, notably theincome has been more than the company expected.

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