Examples of Outdoor Digital Signage

By | March 9, 2010

A popular location for outdoor digital signage is in transit areas, like bus stops. One area most people will recognise is the Las Vegas Strip, which is full of colourful advertisements. This is the perfect example of all the different and difficult obstacles facing successful advertisements.

Temperatures can be excessive, often soaring over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not the only challenge – dust from the surrounding dry dessert is a serious hazard and the high volume of pedestrian traffic increases the chance of vandalism due to those intoxicated, rambunctious or otherwise just looking for an excuse to cause trouble. Due to the protective security glass window, more damage would be caused to the vandals knuckles than to the unit itself!, though this can be alleviated by suitably siting the outdoor digital signage billboard. Whilst the Strip can have its problems, it is situated in a prime location, as it is in a pedestrian zone, where moving images such as movie trailers, and TV commercials have the best advantage. In most other locations, moving images are not allowed because they cause too much distraction to passing drivers.

Approximately 40 million visitors each year pass through Las Vegas, each staying a few days, so statistically there is a brand new audience every 3.8 days to advertise to, from all over the world. The timing of relevant adverts, such as an evening in a Night Club, would be published at a relevant evening time slot and a breakfast offer would be programmed at a suitable time.

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