Electronic information boards and uses for advertising.

By | January 11, 2013

Electronic information boards for marketing.

These electronic information boards can be a very cost effective form of advertising, as it can be used to promote products and services for any company.

Electronic information boards or a digital poster?

electronic information boards

Both terms referred to the same product, a digital poster is used for advertising local businesses and can be customized easily. The term electronic information boards is used when only information is provided, the user is not trying to use the electronic sign for marketing purposes they are using them as an alternative form of educating the user.

Both solutions are capable of displaying videos, images and audio using at least two or three of these combinations results in a very professional looking presentation.

Advantages of the digital poster.

When advertising a product or a service the software the is built into the media player can be scheduled to start running at a pre-set time, allowing the advertiser to promote various offers throughout the day. This maximizes the investment when buying the equipment it can be used to promote 4 or 5 different products every single day.

Advantages of electronic information boards.

When providing information such as health and safety, electronic information boards are perfect as it allows the user to displaying information regarding health and safety tips in a clear and uncluttered way. One way to create an efficient electronic information board will be to use their power point presentation and then convert it using Microsoft media player and copying the content to the media player on the electronic information board. Then when the screen is switched on the presentation is displayed.

Portrait or landscape?

Well for use as an electronic information board portrait will be perfect, however portrait can also be used for displaying advertisements in a restaurant. The whole or landscape or portrait position question will be determined by your contents that you intend on displaying.

Media player.

The standard digital poster comes with a built in USB Media player, this allows the user to get that it working straight out of the box. All that is needed is an electrical socket, the digital poster can be mounted on the wall or was plugged into the electricity that either will be displayed and when content is added the content can be set to start at any time as well as setting did well timed, and this is the time that the ad stays stationary.

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