Educational Digital Signage Protection

By | March 4, 2013

Educational Digital Signage Protection Options.

Educational digital signage protection is needed to protect the hardware used for electronic advertising in our educational facilities.

What hardware is used in our education facilities?

Almost all educational facilities throughout the world are using the latest technologies to educate the next generation, however the management of the educational facilities are also using digital signage as a way of communicating to staff and students alike throughout the campus.

With this electronic advertising and information system it allows news and events to be updated almost instantly without delay. We are seen in the past digital signage being used on campuses to inform there staff of campus lockdown when any incident occurred and there is potential danger to fellow students are members of staff.

We have all seen digital signage in universities and colleges that are indoor as well as outdoor units.

Indoor educational digital signage.

educational digital sigange

These free standing units can be found mainly in reception and welcome areas, these allow students to familiarize themselves with what events are coming up in the near future. Then throughout the corridors there are wall mounted electronic signage posters that display the current news and any changes in lecture theaters etc,

Once the students break for lunch, the digital menu boards can be seen in the cafe area and here students and staff can select what they want for lunch, before they reach the checkout. These electronic menu boards provides the food description, an image and even food labeling for the product.

Outdoor education of digital signage.

These offer way finding solutions around the campus as well as providing information on lectures, visiting speakers and student union activities outside the facility. These outdoor digital signage solutions are usually fitted with a larger screens than the indoor solutions and the media players are normally networked enabled, allowing for the content be updated remotely from one central location.

Hazards for educational digital signage.

The hazards for outdoor educational digital signage solutions is the obvious ones of vandalism, theft other weather conditions. As the hardware must be protected from temperatures they can exceed 150° F and can possibly plummet to -20! This is why external educational digital signage enclosures are essential as they provide the crucial protection needed to safeguarding the hardware within the steel enclosures.

Vandalism and theft or recorded using high security double locking mechanisms with concealed hinges, eliminating any weak points in the design. The viewing window is made from laminated glass that I can withstand the impact of a baseball bat.

Educational digital signage protection.

Indoor digital signage within the campus in areas such as the gymnasium can be protected with the digital signage shield. A digital signage shield encompasses the entire display protecting the screen and media player from any potential damage and is the ultimate in educational digital signage protection. The digital signage shield is manufactured from cold rolled steel, welded for maximum strength and powder coated for an aesthetically pleasing solution.

The TV shield is there amounting to the wall using the internal mounting brackets and the outer TV shield is then mounted to the internal mounting brackets using vandal proof fasteners.

educational digital signage protection

Now using educational digital signage protection,  the investment must be protected using any the solutions above will provide sufficient protection for the digital signage screens providing of last return on investment.

There are various solutions on the market that include the digital signage shield for indoor use and educational digital signage enclosures for outdoor use. These offer educational digital signage protection and the best enclosures come from DOOH Ltd.