Drugstore Digital Signage

By | July 5, 2010

Drug stores will be the next sector to adapt digital signage for providing customer information and for selling additional products. Learn how this is done.

Why do drug stores want to invest in electronic signage?

There are two reasons for investing in digital signage, they are both of equal importance, number one is to provide customer information and the second is to create an add on sale opportunity.

Imagine you go to the doctors to seek advice regarding a holiday and you are checking what vaccinations you need, the doctor informs you of the required medication needed and you go to the drug store to purchase them so that you can go back and the doctor will then inject the vaccines.

As you can see this is a perfect opportunity for the drug store to sell you other medications for your future vacation, increasing their turnover and profit. The other main reason is also to provide customer information, so that when your medications are ready to collect you know immediately and are not hanging around, also the ads on the digital signage system offer time warping – makes the customers think their wait time was less than it actually was due to them being entertained.

How does it work?

The patient takes the prescription to the drug store and they electronically scan the document, the terminal then extrapolates the patients name and includes this in a ‘waiting queue’ that is displayed in a zone on the large LCD screens that are strategically placed around the store.

The patient can either take a seat in a waiting area and watch the screen or peruse the store in order to waste time until their order is ready. During the wait time, advertisements are displayed for in store products that would be relevant to the type of medications prescribed.

Then when the order is ready, the name is broadcast in the main zone of the screen replacing the advertisements and audio then broadcasts the patients name.

How do they do it?

Well simply put the extrapolated patients name is fed to a media player that hosts all the advertising content and the name is added to a database list, then as and when the name rises to the top of the list, the ad is paused and the patients name is then displayed on the 42” LCD commercial screens around the drug store. Once the patient has collected the medication their name is deleted from the wait list.

This is also a good opportunity for drug stores to sell Holiday gifts to patients who are less mobile or who don’t get into town to shop often, they can at once see a product and think I could buy that widget for a nephew; this saves them making a special journey at a later date.

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