Drive Thru Menu Boards for Restaurants – A Quick Serve Solution

By | June 26, 2017

Valuable Strategies for Drive Thru Menu Boards for Restaurants – A Quick Serve Solution.

Drive thru menu boards for restaurants are the advertising medium for QSR’s, and the best approach to entice prospective customers – it always has been and always will be – the only difference is the format and mode of advertising. We have long past the days of paper billboards, which are now replaced with electronic billboards. Digital signage is currently acknowledged among the most cost effective and fashionable ways of displaying menus in food outlets around the world.

Drive Thru Menu Boards for Restaurants

Enticing and tempting customers to buy from your fast food restaurant is a sure way of increasing profits, so how do digital menu boards work for restaurants. Communicating with the public is very important and there are various ways of doing this, as electronic devices are designed to communicate with each other. A message can be sent from one device to another and also from an electrical menu board to a passing customer, offering deals and special offers. Positioning a digital menu board is easy – finding the busiest location, outside the restaurant or next to a bus station, where many people will walk past and at all times of the day.

Designing Drive Thru Menu Boards for Restaurants.

Designing the text can be a challenge, especially if you want interaction between he customer and the business. A touch screen offers this facility and is an integral part of the electronic hardware. However, the beauty of a digital menu board is that it can be updated at the click of a button and in real time – there is nothing worse for a fast food joint than offering a ‘lunchtime special’, but running out of a popular item, its not as if it can be crossed out with a marker pen and therefore a customer can see straight away that there is a substitution.

The boards are practical and can withstand a fair amount of damage, as the outer casing is usually steel, which has been powder coated. This allows for the flexibility of using corporate colors, designs and logos. They can also be floor mounted, hung from a post, ceiling fitted or in a place unique to the food outlet, like over a gantry or from a roof overhang – just anywhere the public will notice it and use it.

A drive thru digital menu board for restaurant is a perfect example of using a quick serve menu board, cutting down on the ordering time quickens up the process; it is speedy and accurate. Restaurants have also recognised the fact of using electronic tablets as part of the ordering process and there have even been interactive dining tables, where each customer has an electronic menu in front of them, which allows them to make their own selection, without the need for a server visiting the table. Whilst it may be a novelty, it is a practical option and a cost effective solution. It mainly runs off the internet, so as long as there is the connectivity and an electrical power source for charging the batteries of the portable devices, you’re good to go…

It can also be a marketing tool, as additional advertising from associated businesses, brings in extra revenue – making it a valuable asset. As customers wait to be seated, digital signage advertises many features of the restaurant and those all-important add-on sales. This option suits many informal restaurants like fast food outlets, chain restaurants and casual dining, as yet it is not suitable for the more upmarket restaurants.

The content of the electronic board is critical to a successful campaign. Too much detail or excessive color and graphics will distract from the message and put customers off, so a direct advert in a professional manner will reap the rewards. Be open minded about changing from the traditional forms of paper and poster advertising and embrace new technology.

Advertising using Designing Drive Thru Menu Boards for Restaurants.

Advertising is the best approach to tempt potential customers, and with new electronic technology, it reaches far more people than previously, so look out for LED and LCD screens offering delicious burgers and iced drinks, along with tempting special offers.

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