Double Sided Digital Signage Totem

By | August 26, 2013

Double Sided Digital Signage Totem – Uses And Locations.

Some organizations are looking at double sided digital signage totem units, so they can advertise different content on both sides.

Indoor double sided digital signage totem.

Outlets that have locations with an abundance of floor space, are calling for double sided digital signage totem, these indoor digital advertising solutions are deployed to advertise 2 different products at the same time. This unique development is through using 2 different media players that are updated through the internet. The hardware can be synchronized so the same ads are displayed at peak times, then different ads displayed throughout the rest of the day and night.

Outdoor double sided digital signage totem.

double sided digital signage totemThese are used in high foot fall areas, to promote products and increase brand awareness, these are new products to the dynamic advertising market. The outdoor units come with a weatherproof and climate proof housing to ensure the hardware is protected no matter what the weather or climate is.

What hardware is used in double sided digital signage totem units.

Usually these come in many various sizes, the screens offered are 40” to 65”, usually either Samsung or LG commercial grade screens, that are guaranteed for 60,000 hours. The network media player can be either hard wired or wireless so new content can be updated.

Cable access is through out the housing for both indoor and outdoor units, however the outdoor unit is designed to protect the hardware in temperatures of +60 to -30 C. The thermal management is essential and protects the hardware in freezing weather as well as baking heat.

Advantages of double sided digital signage totem units.

Advertising agencies can use dual sided totems to promote different products or brands at the same time. But some people want to test the solution before committing to a full blown solution. This can be achieved by using a dual sided USB totem, these employ USB media players and are directly connected to the screens, so a double sided advertising solution can be done for a fraction of the price. Outdoor solutions are a different story, here heating and cooling is extremely important, if the hardware that makes up the double sided digital signage totem is damaged with extreme cold or heat the hardware can be deemed useless.

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