DOOH USA’s LCD advertising players earns restaurants residual income

By | April 7, 2014

LCD advertising players are a money generator.

DOOH USA’s LCD advertising displays are earning local American restaurants a residual income, read the full post below.

The solution consists of 4 x 40″ LCD advertising players that are deployed around the restaurant, so diners can clearly see them. They are being used to market local business services, all the diner has to do is dial the number on their cell phone and make the call to the service they want!

Let’s look at these LCD advertising players.

lcd advertising players
The digital signage display has a built in media player, so all the content is stored there and only a power lead is needed, to display the content to local buyers.

The restaurants charge the local businesses $100 per month to advertise and the media player stores over 400 videos, depending on video length. Every month the restaurant charges a total of 200 (half capacity) x $100=$20,000 every month. In the first month after buying all the hardware and having the content created, each restaurant stands to make $12K in their first month, with the $20K there after total profit, every single month! This will generate the restaurant $232,000 extra income.

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