Diversification of the Double Sided Portrait Kiosk Enclosure

By | February 23, 2017

How a double sided portrait kiosk enclosure can work for your promotion.

What kind of electronic advertising screen would suit your promotion, environment and target audience? Many things to think about when making an investment into modern advertising.

So, you’ve decided it is going into an indoor retail environment and will be floor mounted; a permanent fixture to the area. One suggestion could be a slim double sided portrait kiosk enclosure. There are lots of options and possibilities with this model:

  • 55” screen on each side

  • portrait orientation works best for advertising

  • perfectly designed for shopping malls, airports and lobbies

  • available with audience interaction

  • customizable and configurable – plug and play

  • stainless steel casing for protection and easy cleaning

double sided portrait kiosk enclosure

double sided portrait kiosk enclosure

The clear screen of a 55” monitor provides an excellent viewing portal for an advertisement, promotion or service. With a double sided kiosk, twice the number of potential customers will view the screen. One other thing to consider is the brightness of the screen and its position with regard to the sun during store opening hours.

Most advert content is created in portrait orientation, as products are usually displayed upright – think of a clothing range, coffee machine or washing detergent advert. They are likely to be portrayed with a person, standing, walking or sitting. The size of the kiosk, including the double sided screen within the frame and stand, is aimed at being adult head height for maximum impact.

These kiosks are ideally suited to a retail environment or a public place where information is displayed, for example a transit station (airport, train or bus) or foyer/lobby to a venue. They are easy to install and can be securely fixed in place for safety and risk of theft. They have a modern ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing look about them, but they are not out of place in many settings. The sleek design and slim bezel frame makes then stand out, yet blend into the surroundings and are robust enough to with stand all that a regular user will abuse them with. (Think heavy handed adult, children ‘playing’ with it, banging it etc…) And because of the stainless steel outer casing, it can be classed as anti-microbial, due to its special coating and ease of cleaning (very little in the way of ridges and crevasses which encourage bacteria).

One key point is the interactive engagement of the target audience; by means of touch screen technology, gesture control video capture and Wifi and Bluetooth options. People expect to have these features as part of their daily computer engagement.

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