Displaying a Retail Advertising Screen or Media Wall

By | November 26, 2013

How retailers benefit from an advertising screen

Shopping malls have broadly been acknowledged as key sites for the exploitation of many an advertising screen, as customers spend long periods of time wandering around and generally a large proportion of customers fit the bill of, what is known in the trade as; CIP (commercially important person) or indeed a VIP. Up to now, it is recognised that one of the world’s leading digital signage networks have been installed within shopping malls, with airports coming a close second.
Some passenger departure areas already accumulate over 70% of their income from mercantile sales; marketing using an electronic digital advertising screen can successfully be used to increase retail sales within the shopping outlets.

advertising screen

Digital advertising screen

Advertising Screen; Designed for Public Places

As the Digital Advertising Display screens are fitted with an industrial grade LCD panel they have the suitability to be in continuous use and feature an extensive viewing angle in landscape and portrait orientations, with one main difference being that the screens are generally sun bright compatible and clearer than LCD screen found on home TVs. There are no buttons or external controls, which eliminates damaged caused by members of the public – deliberate or otherwise. The outer casing can feature your own logos or branding to suit your – or your clients profile. Either a stainless or mild steel powder coated (painted) enclosure with a durable safety glass front panel protects the electronic components from possible harm, which could render the advertising screen as useless. This would have a significant impact on the ROI (return on investment) which the digital adverting display should be bringing in.

The indoor advertising screen

Many models for media walls or retail advertising are suitable for either indoor or outdoor advertising, but check with your supplier before hand, as your choice of location may have an adverse effect on the screen due to temperature or water ingress. There are specific outdoor advertising screen which are just for external advertising; in the grounds of a shopping mall, retail outlet, transportation plaza or educational campus. Depending on how the advertising screen is to be mounted, one of the most apt ways is to use a vertical wall mount so the screen can also be displayed in portrait orientation.

An outdoor advertising screen

New York is one of the iconic cities for a digital advertising screen, but we see many locations on a daily basis where screens are out of the home – also know as Digital Out of Home (DOOH). Whether they are advertising the latest cereal, car or entertainment, it is hard not to notice. There are a number of states in America where it is illegal to display moving graphics on a sign as vehicles pass, as it is a distraction – just look at New York for example!

Advertising screen sizes

Just one, large, well located screen will have an impact on an advertising campaign, yet what would be the effect of a display on a whole media wall? Several flat screen LCD panels are configured to run as one, or a giant projector screen works well – it is a powerful tool.

DOOH US has an impressive portfolio of advertising screen projects for digital signage and has worked alongside the world’s primary signage software users, local area installation and service associates to be able to offer marketing companies a complete all-in-one package for all digital signage requirements.