Display Enclosures in the Travel Industry

By | August 8, 2011

Display enclosures

Modern forms of advertising, particularly digital display enclosures are prevalent in many structures within the travel industry.

As the travel industry is booming, despite the economic problems, advertising companies are keen to capture the passing trade who are away from their home television sets – where advertising has been a huge source of revenue, however as more people spend time in leisure pursuits, the advertising has to move with them. This is called DOOH – Digital Out Of Home advertising.


One form of showing these advertisement campaigns is through a digital screen within the protection of the display enclosures. These can be easily ceiling mounted, wall hung or floor standing, depending on the traffic of passers by, or queuing customers. Colourful, vibrant and imaginative images flash across the screens enticing customers to purchase their wares.

 Display enclosures.

display enclosures

In airports, train stations, bus terminals and boat embarkation points, foot traffic is greatest and many people will form queues to have their documents checked by officials. This is an ideal opportunity to promote a product, service or special offer, as the customers have little else to distract them. Any number of advertisements can be scheduled within a time period and this has evolved from the traditional static billboard into a digital one. The highly colourful and imaginative intimations capture the publics’ attention and encourage them to read the advertisement whilst rolling script gives descriptive content for the article. This may be updated by way of a hard wired or wireless network, depending on the number of LCD display posters within the terminal building.


Content can be changed, altered or updated at the press of a button and in real time, where appropriate with little interference to the ad campaign, which of course is designed to increase revenue.


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