Display Enclosure For both indoor and outdoor use

By | April 11, 2011

Display enclosure – safeguards your investment.

A display enclosure is the perfect choice for the growing outdoor digital signage. They are available in many different designs such as LCD display enclosure, plasma enclosure, etc.

The range of display enclosure is becoming increasingly popular nowadays, because, lots of people are using these displays either in the shopping malls for outdoor digital signage or backyard for watching the game. Another important reason for their popularity is due to the huge fall in price of the TV displays. Normally, the LCD display enclosure is connected with the LCD display. The main purpose of using this enclosure is to protect the LCD from any potential dangers. For example, you can use this display at the waiting area of the doctor.

Display enclosure for year round protection.

Nowadays, LCD display enclosure is not only used in bedrooms, office and front rooms, they are commonly used for branding and advertising purposes as a part of digital signage industry. For this growing new media, outdoor digital signage needs to protect the investment that is the signage hardware. LCD displays are efficient, cost effective and are also an effective method for protecting against all weather conditions. Not only are they waterproof, they also help you to use the standard indoor devices safely in the outdoor locations. The LCD display consists of climate modules, which helps to maintain constant temperature level inside the enclosure.

display enclosure
In order to avoid over heating, cooling fans are equipped with them and you can even use air conditioning units, if you are placing it in extremely hot locations. Another most important protective asset with the LCD display enclosure is the solid construction and durability. Usually, they are manufactured from steel along with shatterproof windows in order to ensure maximum protection and ruggedness.

For the outdoor digital signage, LCD display enclosure offers the most protection, since they are cost effective, robust and durable. Not only are they cost effective but also they offer various protection, such as they extend the life of your digital equipment, prevent failures due to any damages and also you can able to get return on your investment. It also helps to protect against thieves and vandalism. Even most tenacious attempt at vandalism can be withstand by the display and they provide a highly secure barrier against the theft.

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