Disney Cruise Lines using LCD posters to market products

By | August 30, 2012

Disney cruise line using LCD posters solution.

On a recent visit to the Disney Dream (part of the Disney Cruise Line) we noticed an enormous use of LCD posters to advertise and promote services as well as providing guest information.

What sizes do LCD posters come in?

LCD posters are available in sizes from 7”, however for indoor use we have found the most effective size range is 26” to 55” as these units provide the wow factor to the viewer. These dynamic advertising solutions work straight out of the box, all you need to do is mount the LCD poster to the wall, run the mains lead to a nearly power source and then update the content.

Content updates are available in 2 ways; the first being a manual update using a flash drive and then the advertising poster reboots with the new content or using a network (similar to a computer network) to update several screens across the network.

Uses of LCD posters.

These advertising screens are used for promoting merchandise and special events such as hair braiding as well as on-board duty free shopping; this can be seen from the image below.

LCD posters
Digital advertising does not have to be costly to try, LCD posters are the most affordable solutions to try this new type of advertising for any business, then once it has proved itself the dynamic advertising solutions can be developed to increase business and spread the word to existing and new customers.

With units from as little as $599, these LCD posters will engage as well attract customers to you and the products or services you offer for less than conventional advertising such as print or even radio advertising.

We offer a range of LCD posters that can be seen on our website; alternatively you can call for prices on toll free 866-948-0859.