Digital Vehicle Advertising Part of Mobile Signage

By | February 25, 2010

Digital signage can be seen every where from train stations to shopping malls, now the revolution is approaching and targeting the mobile digital signage sector with digital vehicle advertising.

Trucks and their drivers are the road warriors of the world, now these warriors are being targeted, but these guys are no stranger to technology, as they have been using GPS way before we all got satellite navigation units, as well as GPS, they have been using self serve kiosks for years in the USA.

When is a truck stop not a truck stop?
Well, most truck stops are not just a waste piece of tarmac for trucks to park on; they are premium real estate for digital signage. Interactive kiosks are used by pizzas companies not just to sell pizzas to the drivers but for them to keep in touch with loves ones, by using the very same kiosk to email wives and husbands as well as ordering chocolates and flowers to be delivered whilst they are on the road.

Now these kiosks build loyalty between the supplying company and the customers, these kiosks are revolutionary, as they can provide receipts of all of their purchases so the drivers can save time queuing at the checkout.

Swift Transportation Co had a fleet with over seventeen thousand drivers, one of the main challenges was to communicate urgent information to the vast number of drivers regarding changes in their schedule, the solution they found was a deploy kiosks at their repair facilities throughout the USA, so whilst the trucks are being repaired the drivers can catch up on changes to their itinerary.

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