Digital Vehicle Advertising – Is Not To Far Away

By | February 19, 2010

Mobile digital signage has developed so much in the last few years it now can be seen on taxi cab roofs displaying digital content.

For the past couple of years, digital signage has grown so fast and this is down to the development of technology that has fallen in cost, now taxi cab digital signage enclosures can facilitate this.

Taxi companies can create a second stream of income for displaying ads on the cab roofs, digital advertising agents will queue up to buy this very precious advertising real estate. The digital content must comply with different laws in the relevant countries, for example in some states of America digital signage on the roof of a cab must be static until the cab is stationary, at this point video can be played, also the colour must satisfy the transportation department as it can not be too bright.

Once the digital vehicle signage system is planned, the next thing to consider is how to mount the double screen enclosure to the roof of the cab, there are special mounting options that are designed to fit almost any cab model and make, so one solution fits all.

When considering this type of deployment a buyer must ensure that the media player used is a Solid State solution, unlike an industrial PC it has no moving parts, as moving parts will get damaged easily during the regular daily toil of a taxi cab, especially driving through potholes and on rough road surfaces.

Anyone or company suggesting an industrial PC is to be avoided, as these operate with 2 discs running in the opposite directions, this is what you hear when you start a computer. Now imagine when the cab bottoms out when it hits a hole in the road, the discs can collide and cause the solution to fail.

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