Digital Signage Used To Remember Fallen Soldiers in UK.

By | November 14, 2011

Digital Signage Used On Remembrance Sunday.

Large outdoor digital signage solutions have been used yesterday in the UK, to broadcast the Remembrance Day Service live in London to spectators who where too far back to see the service clearly.

Mobile digital signage screens.

The solutions can be mounted on high hydraulic rams on the back of trucks, the screens are huge! The company behind these screens is who offer the worlds largest mobile LED screens.

Remembrance Sunday.

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Remembrance Sunday is the nearest Sunday to the 11th day of the 11th month that the UK remembers all the fallen soldiers from world war 1 to current conflicts. To show appreciation the public buy “poppies” to support the British Legion. At 11am a two minute silence was observed and it was amazing to see Trafalgar Square (London) in complete silence.

Other digital signage solutions.

Some companies who’s staff was working on Sunday, gave them the opportunity to watch the ceremony on a TV, some train stations used LCD and plasma screens to show the ceremony, but these needed protecting from potential abuse or accidental damage, so LCD enclosures were used, these protect the hardware from unauthorized access as well as accidental damage. The LCD enclosure range are made from thick steel and locked by high security locks.

Digital posters used to promote the sale of poppies.

In the build up to Remembrance Sunday, the British Legion used digital posters to promote the event and boost their profile. These were on a rental basis and through a digital poster reseller who supported the cause.

Digital Signage know no end.

Digital signage is used not only for advertising but for informing the public regarding a service as well as broadcasting video to people who cannot get to the venue, another recent occasion was when Prince William married Kate Middleton, massed of people swamped London and a lot of people ended up in Hyde park, there organizers has 3 large screens so that almost anyone in Hyde park could see the wedding.

So, not only for advertising digital signage is here and being deployed in more unusual locations.

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