Digital Signage Used To Influence Consumers

By | February 11, 2011

Digital signage not just to impress.

Wake up with “Digital Signage” in addition to your customers’ curiosity for your products and services. For everything that lives moves that lives is interesting and what’s interesting, is taken from your customers under the microscope.

If you provide people with information at the moment that they are about to make a purchase decision, the decision is made and they become buyers.

Digital Signage is a modern visual information system with active content, which out perfoms all of the print media. The content for your own sales program can be compiled manually or by using a software program.  The digital signage display is perfect for providing current up to the minute information and can even be used outdoors when put inside an LCD enclosure.

digital signage
Point of Interest – Point of Sale

The direct contact between brand and consumer.
You can use Digital Signage to sell and promote specials to customers in the hotel lobby, in fitness centers, car dealerships, pharmacies, doctors’ offices and elevators, at fairs, in restaurants and bars, visitor-welcoming foyers of spa reception or before seminar rooms provide you with important information.

You can also use the digital signage for advertising in supermarkets, shopping centers and boutiques. Or from travel agencies to promote special offers and currency rates. At airports and train stations for information exchange.

Advantages of digital signage:

Your content can be input via free software
Your information will be transmitted in real time
You can link together multiple communication channels
A variety of options for displaying animations, pictures, videos
You can manage your content worldwide via the Internet
The visual system can specifically target your audience

We provide you with the powerful and complete solutions from hardware and software that are tailored to your needs. While this is geared mainly for playing audio, video and image files and information in text form, can be viewed when using the touch-screen menus and frames and for outdoor digital signage we manufacturer a range of LCD enclosures.

It does not matter whether you are installing a single display or multiple digital signage displays. The easy of use  software gives you a fast, effective way to directly address your customers or target audience. No matter where you are located in the world you just update your content.

LCD Enclosures Global provide outdoor digital signage and other digital signage solutions as well as manufacturing their range of LCD enclosures.