Digital Signage used in the fight against Cancer.

By | July 8, 2009

Cancer Project have launched an amazing awareness campaign using huge digital billboards, the campaign highlights the risk of colorectal cancer related to processed meats.

The large digital signs are placed near Bush Stadium, Washington alerting people to the fact that “Hot Dogs Can Strike You Out For Good!” The image on the sign features hot dogs jammed into a packed of cigarettes, labelled “Unlucky Strike”, in the hope that the Baseball Commissioner will take note and put a label on hot dogs served at ball games, as processed meats have been linked convincingly with colorectal cancer.

March this year saw the National Cancer Institute publish a study informing us that a diet with a high amount of red meat or processed meat increases the risk of cancer dramatically.

Throughout the USA, ballparks will sell an estimated 21 million hot dogs this session, it could be an uphill struggle.

So digital outdoor signage is being used along with LCD enclosures for protection of the signs in all weathers.