Digital Signage Used At The Golf Club

By | June 22, 2010

Indoor and outdoor digital signage is in almost every single location you can think of, now these dynamic advertising solutions are being rollout at golf clubs.

Indoor digital signage.
Inside the clubhouse you will see in the very near future digital signage, these will range from a wall mounted digital poster to free standing LCD advertising displays. These 2 unique solutions will provide the relevant information that is demanded by customers in this super fast world.

The wall mounted digital poster can be used for highlighting who has the best handicap in the club, they can also be used to advert local restaurants – who hasn’t done business on a golf course? And this is a perfect way to finish a hard day on the fairway.

The floor standing LCD advertising screens can be used to welcome guests to the clubhouse or the reception area, making guests feel that little bit more important and contributing to a professional image, especially when used for a business function.

These free standing LCD screens can also be used at other times, when the golf club is hired out for function, highlighting what and what not to do.

Outdoor digital signage.
Now this can take several forms from weatherproof sun light readable screens to commercial screens that are located in LCD TV enclosures. This range of LCD TV enclosure provide all the protection for the hardware from the weather, some units are even fitted with heaters so when the temperature drops the hardware inside is protected from frost damage. They also offer vandal protection for when the course is not used and when a novice slices the golf ball and it hits the display.

The golf course digital signage can be used to let golfers know how many people have passed before them and how many are behind them, as well as giving examples of the best and worst handicaps for each hole played, so that visiting golfers can see how they compared to regulars.

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