Digital Signage to Boom by 2016!

By | September 3, 2013

The Future Of Digital Signage

Although still in its relative infancy, digital signage is set to boom by 2016, so in just three years, digital signage will be turned on its head and produce an even more interesting and innovative package than it already is! The rate at which it is evolving is staggering as technology is overtaking current trends and fashions into new ones. The phrase digital signage encompasses many medium of broadcast and display facilities, which we will explore…

Numerous uses for Electronic Notice Boards.

These electronic notice boards are a versatile form of displaying public information, promoting a business/product or service and are especially useful in restaurants – particularly fast food outlets. One benefit is the ability to change the content in a relatively short time – and in real time, where time is of the essence, and so as not to loose precious advertising time. Electronic notice boards are usually positioned in close proximity to customers – particularly where foot traffic is at its greatest (passing trade). Attracting their attention to an advertisement is key to a successful sale – and that’s what you’re in business for – to make money! The cost of an electronic notice board is comparative to the profit of an ad. campaign – look into it; it’s more cost effective than you think.

Digital Posters are all around us…

digital signage

Indoor digital poster solutions for digital signage


We use digital posters almost on a daily basis and subliminally adverts and commercials are being fed to us on many occasions with out us even noticing, but yet it is having the desired effect, as many purchase are influenced by advertising. Positioning digital posters is fairly straight forward, but does depend on the size of the poster, as some are large floor standing units, others can be wall or even ceiling mounted, which saves valuable (and expensive) floor space and if you think about it, above the floor level is ‘free’ space!

Locations for floor standing digital signage systems.

Often, these will be positioned in places like railway stations, air ports or shopping malls, as the display screen will be much bigger and clearer than smaller wall or ceiling mounted displays, which are suitable for video graphics, whereas floor standing digital signage systems can provide public information, like timetables and also have the technology to be touch screen and interactive – which is not logical if a screen was hung from a ceiling bracket. Customers are empowered to use self serve way-finding facilities with the software system of this kind of signage.

Offsetting the costs by incorporating digital advertising

Although the initial cost may be a significant investment – it is just that; an investment, which will last for many years, as many digital signage kiosks and posters are built to withstand environmental, wilful and accidental damage – particularly those units as supplied by DOOH Ltd – a world leader in supplying digital signage to many high class, blue chip companies, including; food retailers, entertainment and sporting venues and major transportation facilities. By incorporating complementary advertising alongside the main advertisement content, the investment cost can be recouped by giving time slots to additional advertising campaigns. It all works hand-in-hand for promoting a successful advertising campaign, using evolving digital signage, so what will we be seeing by 2016?

DOOH USA offer many solutions for both indoor and outdoor digital advertising, their digital signage portfolio can be seen here.