Digital Signage & The Sex Industry

By | June 28, 2010

Well we all know sex sells – right? Well the title got you to ready…No really adult bars are now using digital signage to promote their drink special deals.

Like all businesses, an adult bar wants to get every single penny out of its visitors, maximising their profit, now this is an industry that aimed mainly at men, now here is the kicker, during the world cup in South Africa one bar in the US was providing information on the final scores, so that fans could follow who was in and possibly out of the next leg of the world famous soccer tournament that comes round every four years.

How did they achieve this and why?

Well some die hard fans of soccer may cut their visit short at the bar, reducing the takings and the profit of the bar owner. His idea was to use a large digital menu board around 60” in size that was data cabled to a media player, this media player was also connected to the internet and fetched up to date RSS feeds from a soccer news site.

The content that the media player fed was the owners special drink deals, promoting new drinks and actively encouraging guests to spend more money. So yes digital signage is now being used in the adult industry now, will it ever slow down. How long will it be before these type of ads are displayed on roadside billboards?

In the restrooms of the bar, the owner installed smaller screens called a digital poster with images of their girls, so visitors to the restroom are reminded why they are their and what they are missing.

Could this be used outdoors? I doubt it as it would require a lot of talks with the relevant authorities to get the content acceptable, otherwise moms and families would and could be offended when they pass the outdoor digital signage advertising their services.

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