Digital Signage That Is Used At Sports Venues

By | February 8, 2010

Sports and entertainment venues are turning to digital signage to create an extra income stream and at the same time engage with visitors making their experience an enjoyable one.

When you go to a sports stadium to watch a basketball game or to watch your favourite band, you are not just buying a ticket for a seat that is in a good position, you are buying into the technology behind the stadium, this is why stadium management are waking up to the idea of using digital signage.

A sports stadium using digital signage can delivery very targeted dynamic messages that is not just relevant to a particular visitor but what is happening at that event at that specific moment, this would have been impossible before the deployment of any form of electronic billboards.

With the varying type of events that are hosted at these sports stadiums, they need to communicate different messages to different parts of the arena at the same time, this is the most important part of any dynamic signage solution. In order to achieve this, the signage solution must be easy to use and flexible.

An example of a digital solution is several large format TV screens set up indoors, with large screens positioned outside the stadium.

To have a trouble free system, all you need to do is bear some of the points in mind when planning and deploying the signage system.

Where will you place the screens?
Before you start deploying the screens, you have to assess what is the natural visitor flow to the arena? Do they got through the:

• Car parks
• Main stadium access areas
• Box Office
• Lobby
• Beverage and food area
• Merchandise stands
• Private boxes
• Seating area

Targeted Content.
This is the ability to deliver the right message to the right person at the right moment, any successful solution will have the facility to guide the audience throughout their stay, from entering the venue, buying food or a drink to buying merchandise.

In the past few years security has stepped up at high level events, but the arena management are always concerned with your safety, so having the opportunity to use the electronic signs as an emergency notification system adds more value to the system than the ability to sell.

Areas were targeted content can be used.

Exiting the car park – When you are leaving the venue, the signage can indicate the exit routes that are clear and not clogged up, they can also advise on the weather and condition of the roads.

Private Box – These are often used for corporate events, these can be fed corporate specific content, including season ticket promotions for a suite.

We have only touched on the applications in which the signage system can be used, there are one hundred and one ways, however we hope that the information given is of some benefit to you and helps you understand how sports arenas use the new technology signage systems.

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