Portrait flat panel enclosure

Portrait flat panel enclosure – applications.

Our portrait flat panel enclosure comes with our commitment to quality and our 7 year warranty. A portrait flat panel enclosure can be used outdoors as well as in, providing protection for commercial grade screens and network media players.

Where is a portrait flat panel enclosure used?

portrait flat panel enclosure
The flat panel enclosures are used in any location that requires a wow factor. These take up a very small amount of space compared to floor standing solutions, making this solution perfect for locations that have minimum floor space and where wall space can be used.

Who uses portrait flat panel enclosures?

Transportation companies use this solution, as it allows the integration of adverts along with passenger information updates. The portrait position enables more ads to be displayed on a single advertising display.


Using a portrait flat panel enclosure in the lobby of a hotel is one perfect way to market the in-house restaurant and the conference facilities, these flat panel enclosures can be configured with touch panels to facilitate a way finding solution, so delegates who are attending a conference can find the conference room easily.

Car lots.

Car lots can be hostile environments especially at night, but using our portrait flat panel enclosure the advertisers can feel safe in the knowledge that our solution is secure and their investment is protected. Our flat panel display enclosure is secured with two high security locks, nothing else will do, as compression cam locks are simply and easily opened and the hardware damaged or stolen.

Education Campuses.

Colleges and Universities can deploy outdoor digital signage throughout the campus and is perfect medium to keep students and staff informed of future events. These portrait flat panel enclosures accommodate most commercial grade screens from 40″ to 65″ in our various size range of flat panel enclosures.

Extreme conditions.
Previously nothing on the market would cope with the extremes in outdoor digital signage, now our portrait flat panel enclosure is the first to deal with temperatures as low as -30 degrees C (-22F) to 65 degrees C (150F). When the temperatures drop to below -5, internal insulation is required to store the heat that builds up without over heating the hardware. Our thermal management system comprises of a thermostatic heating and cooling system and only draws power when it needs to either cool or heat the inside of the enclosure.

Portrait flat panel enclosure used at London 2012 Olympics.

During the summer of 2012 for the London Olympics, we had been challenged to supply a group of 9 outdoor portrait flat panel enclosures that had a portrait positioned screen on the front linked to a networked enabled media player and on the back an A0 light box, the unit also had an audio system. The image above can be seen with LED lights down one side. Also the video below the image shows the outdoor portrait flat panel LCD enclosures in use.

Contact us on (862) 234-5981 as we manufacture a range of protective LCD enclosures and are proud to add our portrait flat panel enclosure to our solutions

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