On vehicle digital signage

Our on vehicle digital signage solution.

on vehicle digital signage

Digital signage has now entered a new stage with taxi top digital signage, with our Taxi cab toppers they offer protection to the stretch screen displays and each enclosure is coated in a dark grey powder coating.

The digital media player holds the content of static images, when the taxi is moving and a looped video for when the cab is stopped. Each roof top unit uses anti vibration mounts to protect the electronic hardware inside from damage.

On vehicle digital signage

Any of the ads that are used are vehicles are successful, now on vehicle digital signage is a solution that will not fail, we offer a cost effective solution, the unit can be seen below.

Taxi cab digital signage.

The above unit is available with P6 LED panels (providing the most visible ads possible during the day and night). These are mounted to roof rails on the top of the vehicle and the content is updated using a networked media player. These can be either a wireless or GPS media player so the content can be updated whilst the cab is in transit.

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