Network digital poster

Network digital poster – remote updates.

A network digital poster is an advertising LCD display that has a built in networked media player, so content can be scheduled and updated remotely using an internet connection. These network digital posters are ideal when a company has several locations and needs to promote a new brand, or product on a specific time and day.

The units come complete with a commercial grade flat screen that is High Definition (HD), with the built in media player that has an internal hard drive to store the content locally, this allows the content to be scheduled months in advance.

These digital posters are the modern way to promote products and services, they are easy to use and the content can be edited in seconds.

network digital poster

  • Replace traditional posters and signs
  • Modern appearance, jaw dropping attention grabber
  • Easy to use, just use the integral media player with 160GB hard drive to store the ads locally
  • Runs still images and movie files
  • Easy to update content through wireless or wired internet connection
  • Eco friendly automatic timer to save energy when you are not there
  • Supplied with a programme to allow complete scheduling normally only available as an expensive separate software from other suppliers
  • Simple and easy installation, no damage to the building
  • Split screen feature enables display of message ticker
  • Remote function for convenience

     Who uses a network digital poster?

  • Universities & Colleges
  • Corporate businesses
  • Car dealerships
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotel chains
  • Restaurant chains
  • Banks
  • Retailers
  • Mom and Pop stores

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