Digital Menu Boards

Uses for digital menu boards.

A digital menu board is used predominantly in the QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) industry, as it allows the managers of the QSR’s to change the current promotions and upload new ones with very little effort.

These digital menu boards are usually mounted on walls above the checkouts in the landscape position and regularly feature images of food items along with pricing and dietary values of each item, to comply with US Federal food labeling regulations.

digital menu boards

Why use digital menu boards?

Digital menu boards are an all-in-one solution, with a commercial grade high definition screen with a built in media player that can be updated manually using a USB drive or through a network connection. The networked solutions are ideal when a restaurant has several outlets and needs to update the content at all the outlets at the same time, this is easily achieved using the network connection.

QSR menu boards

QSR menu boards supplied by DOOH USA

The screens can be split into ‘zones’ with the main zone being a video and the surrounding zones with static images, then on another screen the full menu can be displayed.

These digital menu boards range in sizes from 32″, 40″ to 55″.

The built-in media players provides a professional yet cost effective solution for dynamic advertising.

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