Digital Signage Solutions in 2013

By | January 8, 2013

Demand for digital signage solutions.

During 2012 we saw digital signage being used in the London 2012 Olympics as well as the Queens Golden Jubilee, we saw the huge increase in interactive digital signage so let us review what has been a success and what is likely to be a success in 2013 for digital signage.

Digital signage 2012.

During the Queens Golden Jubilee we saw huge video walls being used in Hyde park to share the experience with people who could not get to the mall.

Shopping Malls.

Even before the Olympics began, we saw the birth of one of the main digital signage users in malls and this is at the Westfield Centre Stratford, here both indoor and outdoor digital signage hardware had been installed as well as video walls for retails to advertise themselves. Now this template for digital signage can be seen at most shopping malls now including Meadowhall in Sheffield and the White Rose shopping Centre Leeds.

2012 Olympics digital signage.

olympic digital signage

Digital signage came into its own here, with many key players using electronics to promote the games and the association with the building of the Olympic Park, including The National Lottery. Here they used 9 outdoor digital signage totems to display the work they do with the profit from the lottery, by working with the community and funding other Lottery projects just like the building of the Olympic Park.

Coca Cola used digital ad screens to showcase their involvement in the games including sponsoring various athletes and how they support local encouragement for local athletic groups.

We saw during this period an increase in outdoor digital advertising solutions to include interactive outdoor kiosks as well as interactive way finding solutions. Now we have to think of what 2013 will bring?

2013 Digital Advertising Solutions.

We are already seeing a steady inquiry level into QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants) advertising in Europe after the law was passed in the USA that food labeling had to be as the item description – same color, same font and same font size.
These are occasionally being used outdoors in outdoor digital menu board enclosures for drive-thrus (mainly in the USA) due to the fabulous weather. But around 80% are for indoor digital signs, to display the menu in an electronic format, so that it is quick and simple to see what food is on offer.

Interactive using mobile or cell phones is set to increase, so that consumers can make purchases with their cell or mobile phone and then go in-store and collect it later that day.

Interaction is also being developed with the financial sector so they can market various products to numerous demographics, so expect to see more touch screen kiosks in banks and other financial houses in 2013.

Bluetooth marketing is also set to being installed in shopping malls, this provides the retailers and store owners to maximize their position in the malls by promoting their services and products to people whose mobile/cell phone is set to “Bluetooth enabled”, this way the consumer will get the best deal, as many offers will run throughout the day.

This time next year we will be reviewing our predictions and seeing how on target we were or how far off target!

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