Digital signage screen options

By | April 4, 2012

Digital Signage screen solutions.

The digital signage screens are the latest technology advancement in the flat high-resolution electronic displays allowing anyone to market their business.

Different types of digital signage screen.

Digital signage is an electronic display system used to show advertisements in the combined format of images, video and audio through the huge screens used for advertisement purposes. Using the digital screens for advertising offers various advantages to the business, as it is both cost effective and very flexible. These digital Signage screens used can be used for either indoor and outdoor digital advertising. This new technology of utilizing LCD menu boards for advertising in common place in most of the major cities and towns all over the world.

The ads with the digital signage screen is done by the experts who use specialized software to create impact advertising solutions. The digital signage screens used also include digital posters, these are a low cost entry level solution and comprises of a digital signage screen along with a media player built in, mainly for indoor use however they are available for outdoor use or an indoor digital signage screen could be put into an outdoor digital menu board enclosure to provide the relevant protection.

Digital signage screens now replacing noticeboards.

digital signage screen

Example of a digital signage screen

The old noticeboards had served their purpose and now they are being replaced with electronic noticeboards, these are the same as a digital signage screen and provide both commercials and information about products and the company. these range in size from desk mounted units of 20″ up to giant wall mounted units with a 65″ digital signage screen.

Protecting digital signage screen solutions.

This is done with the assistant of an enclosure and depending upon the application for example if the unit is going some place very humid or extremely cold the LCD enclosure must provide the relevant protection and that means heating and cooling when necessary. Some people consider that they have to install an air curtain in the outdoor LCD enclosure to cool the front of the screen – the main reason air curtains are needed is that the screen is mounted too close to the viewing window and heat is trapped between the gap and causes pixels to fail even in commercial grade screens.

The best solution, is one that is equipped with thermostatic cooling and heating and the screen site back between 2 and 4 inches from the viewing window.

Another thing to consider is if the screen is too near the viewing window and a vandal throws a stone at the window this could flex (as polycarbonate does) and actually impact on the screen, causing the LCD screen to smash!

We manufacture various protective, outdoor LCD enclosures including portrait flat panel enclosure solutions that are used to protect digital signage screen applications.