Digital Signage not just for displaying ads?

By | May 6, 2009

Digital out of home advertising (DOOH), is predominatly used in the advertising and marketing of company products and services.

Now some businesses who are working smarter, rather than harder have decided to use digital signage to inform staff of stock levels, training aids and even to eliminate production issues, such as burnt drawings.  Now businesses are using industrial digital signageon the factory floor, this allows them to send information such as engineering drawings down to the factory floor and they are displayed on 50″ screens, thus eliminating burnt drawings and missing information, that is vital to the manufacturing process.

The most cost effective way to protect an industrial digital sign, is to put it into an industrial LCD enclosure, this protects the LCD or the plasma display from dust, fluids and the odd fork truck.

These industrial LCD enclosures are to either the European standard IP54, IP56, IP65 or IP66 (a waterproof LCD enclosure).

The units can be cooled in various ways, depending upon location and possible hazards and budget of couse. LCD enclosures offer both industrial and weatherproof protection for any digital signage solution that may be in a hazardous area.

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