Digital Signage +LCD enclosure=Vandal proof and waterproof digital signage solution.

By | April 28, 2009

When a business uses the state of the art outdoor digital signage, they are looking to capture the attention of passers by, to highlight a brand, product or service, now digital signage has had a fantastic growth in the past 2 years and is set to even higher levels of growth over the next couple of years. More businesses need to get their message out to the masses and outdoor digital signage is the ideal medium.

One thing you don’t want to happen is when you install the signage solution, that some yob vandalises the display, this will mean an unnecessary return to site to replace the display at additional cost, now an outdoor signage enclosure will protect the hardware inside from vandalism due to it’s unique construction, even the viewing screen is bullet proof!

Now there is only 1 solution when a digital sign (also called a dynamic advert) is placed outdoors and that is to protect the LCD display in an LCD enclosure, these are specially manufactured by a small number of companies in the world.

Europe’s leading manufacture and the UK’s only dedicated LCD enclosure and plasma TV enclosure manufacture is, LCD Enclosures Global. Their solutions offer both weatherproof protection for LCD televisions as well as vandal proof outdoor plasma TV enclosures.

Imagine, walking down a street and you get a text with the latest discounted cinema tickets, 2 for 1 and you’re just outside the cinema…or it’s just mid morning and you get a text with the latest “specials” from the deli you just passed, what would you do? Well there is a good chance that you would stop, check the text and go to the deli and order a sandwich. This is perfect example of using technology to increase your businesses sales, all you need to do is integrate blue tooth technology into outdoor digital signs and you are targeting anyone who passes with a mobile phone that has their blue tooth enabled.

Now it is your opportunity to take your business to the next level and improve your sales, like you never thought possible. So if you’re placing digital signage outdoors, don’t overlook an LCD enclosure, they will save you money on the project, from vandalism and possible theft.

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