Digital Signage & LCD enclosures.

By | April 9, 2009

With the advancement of technology and the huge increase in digital signage, are you really the best in marketing terms for Your business? It could even be said that if you are not using digital signage in some way, you are killing your business!

No matter what product or service you offer, you need advertising to succeed, no sales = no money. What are you doing to get your Company’s marketing message out there?

Let us look at the conventional options for marketing a business and then compare them to digital signage:

Printed leaflet – these cost on average $150 per 1,000 including artwork, so if you want to market something different the following month, you need to pay for additional artwork set up. Then you have to pay for distribution around $50 per 1,000, this is a total of $200. Limitations – once printed they are none reusable.

Newspaper or magazine advertisements- these costs vary enormously, due to many contributing factors, including circulation and your niche. But a good position around the “thumb position” on the right hand page would certainly cost in the region of $700 per month. Limitations – limited space to get your message across, once people read the paper or magazine it’s is then put in the bin.

TV advertising – unless you are paying on results, you will be paying $1,000’s per ad to compete with the big boys. Limitations – very

Internet – You need to get your website created, optimized and then on to Google’s first page, this way you should get your share of the visitors. This could be achieved for around $500, but you would have to pay for regular Search Engine Optimization are around $300 per month to main the First Page position. Limitations- needs SEO regularly to main on Google’s first page and this could cost from $300 per month.

What Digital Signage can offer you for your business.

Digital signage is one of the most unique and one of the most efficient advertising mediums available, digital signage can be used to sell your products to “captive audiences”, for example in a restaurant queue, while they are waiting to be seated, run a digital signage campaign to promote your specials, then when they are seated they will remember the specials. Similarly, at gas pumps, when people are filling up their car with fuel, promote your in store merchandise before they come in to pay, this is proven to increase sales and get Your marketing message across.

People are frightened when they are told they have to “create media content” for their campaigns, there is nothing scary about this it is as simple as drag and drop, it is so easy with our Free Media content software it’s child’s play, resulting in an awesome advertising campaign.

Just logged in to your free account, then you can select from the existing templates and get started creating your content immediately.

You will discover how to dynamically control your advertising campaigns for maximum impact, no matter if they are all over the world, or just in 1 location, you can control them form 1 central point, making administration costs lower.

You can run your signage content on any Flash 9.0+ powered devices, eliminating the need for expensive hardware or tied into a contract for a set period.

You can add more displays to your digital signage network as and when you need to, there is no need to purchase displays you will not use, this free up your cash and future proof’s your investment.

Digital Signage locations.
One of the main criteria is getting the location right for your digital signage, in you are putting signage into a mall, near the entrance is a good location, however if you are installing outdoor digital signage, you have to ensure that the area has a high “foot traffic” (people passing), if the area is un -manned such as on a train station, you will need to consider an outdoor signage enclosure, these are special cases that protect the signage hardware from vandalism as well as the weather. There are several manufactures of
LCD enclosures but look for the NEMA 4X or IP65 compliant units, these ensure that you have a waterproof tv enclosure. Our range of LCD enclosures comes with various options for cooling and heating so the enclosures can work in the following temperature range -30 to 140 degrees

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