Digital Signage Is Now Going Mobile

By | April 19, 2010

Digital signage is now moving outdoors pretty quickly, it seems as though indoor digital signage has been deployed in shopping malls to dentists and now ad agencies are looking to target people outdoors.

So we will look at the different types of outdoor digital signage solutions, as they are all relevant to their own sector of delivering dynamic content to consumers.

Personal Mobile Digital Signage.

This is the most basic solution and it involves someone wearing a battery powered LCD screen with a media player built in.

Advantages are:

  • It is ideal for exhibitions and conferences
  • Quick to deploy
  • Easy to update content
  • Relatively cheap to buy

digital signage vest

Digital Signage Vans.

These are vehicles mainly vans that have LCD screens built into the side of the vehicle, these are used to promote local events, for example they can promote a local businesses expansion and will drive round the area at rush hour so everyone will have time to see the promotion and take it in. Sometimes they park up in high traffic areas, such as at main road junctions so stationary motors can take note of the ads.

Advantages are:

  • Perfect for local promotion
  • Pay for the time you hire the vehicle


  • Can cost more than standard outdoor digital signage with no outright ownership

digital signage vehicle

Entrepreneurs are always looking to separate themselves from their competition this is why they are normally at the sharp end of their business.

An affordable solution?

However there are ways to create a mobile solution for a more affordable price, but it is a mix of technologies. For example a coach or bus company who offers tourist trips could use a similar technology to a video wall to create an outdoor LCD screen 3 metres (10’) long x half a metre (2’) high, the solution would be there’s and they could also create a revenue stream from advertising third party businesses in the area they are in.

LCD Enclosure Global have many years experience manufacturing solutions that are off the shelf as well as custom solutions, this is why their outdoor digital signage enclosures are used throughout the world by the top tier of digital signage integrators. Their LCD Enclosure offers both vandal and weatherproof protection to NEMA 4X and IP65.

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