Digital Signage – Is It A Get Rich Quick Industry?

By | June 24, 2010

Digital signage is massive and growing every day, but is it a get rich quick industry? Where else apart from the stock exchange (but based upon it’s past record) would you invest $2500 and get a return on your investment in 2 months?

Business owners and entrepreneurs have always invested and taken risks, however the technology market is one that has probably made more millionaires. Now with digital signage no matter if it is for indoor or outdoor use, if you deploy is right you will have almost instant profit.

For example, if you own a hotel and in the reception area placed a free standing LCD advertising display, displaying information on your business, then you could charge other local businesses to advertise, with costs starting from US$200 for a 30 second spot per month, imagine if you had 20 businesses eager to advertise on your hardware, every month you would turn over US$4,000 (20 x $200), the hardware would cost you any where from $2,500-$3,000 and you could even charge to create the content and then outsource it.

Based on this information for an initial investment of a maximum of $3,000 you will create an extra income stream and after the first month you will be in profit to a tune of $33,000 per year, and as a by product, you get free dynamic advertisement for your business.

Digital signage is not a get rich quick industry, as you can appreciate it has taken a great deal of investment and time to get to the point we are at now, however where will it take us from the interactive, gesture recognition signage solution that is just developing.

The same scenario can be achieved with a group of digital posters and can be located in elevators also called DEP (Digital Elevator Panels).

Like all business we have to invest for our future.

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