Digital Signage & iPhone a perfect technology partnership.

By | July 10, 2009

The Apple iPhone is the most widely known mobile on earth, this is at the forefront of mobile technology, allowing users to take payment whilst on the move and even organise shipping of goods too.

The iPhone is a fashion icon as well as a fantastic mobile, it could even make the office redundant!

Well someone has managed to integrate digital signage with the Apple iPhone, using various mobile technologies including Bluetooth.

In one location in London – the Westfield Centre, shoppers can interact with the digital signs via their iPhone, they can even change designs of the dynamic ads making it truly interactive. The thinking behind this is, when people interact with digital signage technology it enhances their shopping experience.

On the other hand some organisation are installing Bluetooth technology into their displays, this enables the stores to send SMS messages to anyone who is passing with their Bluetooth enabled on their mobile or cell phone.

The messages can include discount vouchers, special offers and can be used to keep the public up to date with breaking news.

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