Digital Signage In The House Of God.

By | August 4, 2009

I hear you ask yourself, “how does a House of Worship benefit from a digital signage system?”

Improved quality of experience.

This new technology improves the quality of experience for the congregation. Through the use of flat screen TV’s and video walls, a digital signage system can enhance the visual experience of the service. Viewers can now see the pulpit from any distance and any angle no matter where they are with hearing impaired members more easily included

Informs the congregation.

Service schedules and community events are easily achieved through the strategic placement of digital signage. Digital Interactive Displays can be used in wayfinding, should a visitor need to find the nearest toilet facilities they can now do this without disrupting the service.

Cost savings.

Every organisation is looking to reduce costs and digital signage is one of the best mediums to do this. Gone are the days when printed static posters and fliers are created for the congregation. Compare the dynamic signs that inform you of the services for the next week – you take notice compared to the old printed weekly service sheets that just get discarded at the end of the service or are used as placements in the hymn books.

Reduces the Church’s environmental impact.

Digital signage is a sure way to reduce the overall use age of plastics, paper and ink. Most LCD and plasma TV’s can be fully recycled whilst containing less hazardous materials.

Service & Peace of Mind.

With the use of dynamic signs, they can be programmed to turn on and off to co-inside with service times this saves money and energy. Some signage systems are so advanced they can detect a failure before it happens and can email an engineer who will come to site and rectify any problem before the screen is effected.

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