Digital Signage in the 21st Century

By | June 11, 2009

With the growth of the use of computers and the coming of the digital age sales and marketing campaigns are increasing being forced to begin to concentrate their efforts into the area of digital advertising farther than ever before. Paper fliers, newspaper ads and the occasional television commercial spot are no longer the most efficient or effective way to target potential customers. Digital signage systems are playing a major role in this advertising revolution because of their ability to convey relevant and up to date content practically anywhere at any time. Businesses in any industry or offering any kind of service have begun harnessing the power of digital signage to improve their bottom line in difficult financial times.

Whether a company chooses to use dynamic text content or simply pleasing visual content or a mix of the two is up to them. The content displayed via digital signage system is however just as important as it ever was, poor digital signage content will damage a business’s reputation just as much as a terrible television commercial.

Many retailers are putting digital dynamic signs all over their stores, but especially in areas where customers are likely to be waiting for a few minutes, at the checkout areas. Many are taking advantage of this time to display information about all kinds of products available that the customer may not have spotted. The hope is that the consumer will be interested enough to head back into the main retail area to purchase more than they had intended. After all, impulse buying is the ultimate goal of most advertising campaigns. A customer may have gone to the store just to purchase, for instance, a few groceries. If they then see a short, appealing presentation on the digital signage system at the check out for a higher priced item they very well might be tempted to purchase it as well, without really thinking it through.

Digital signage is not just about advertising though. It can be very useful to convey information to a great number of people at one time. Many offices have installed digital signage systems to facilitate communication between employees and management, making the old fashioned paper memo or bulk email a thing of the past. This of course is a far more effective method for communicating information. The employee does not even have to stop what they are doing to view and act on the information displayed on the digital signage system.

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